Franklin’s founders interviewed by Startland News.

Franklin’s Stash House rolls MO cannabis opportunity into KC-made hemp blunts.

The timing is perfect for a cross-cultural cannabis company, Michael Wilson said Tuesday, announcing the 4/20 launch of Franklin’s Stash House, a hemp blunt maker headquartered near the Crossroads.

“It’s a lifestyle brand that represents a segment of the culture that doesn’t get enough attention, trying to capture our creative energy in a cool form that everybody likes,” said serial entrepreneur Wilson, who co-founded the company with a longtime friend from Kansas City’s hip hop scene. “So rather than selling people on the health and wellness benefits of hemp, it’s more like, ‘Hey, if you like it, smoke it.’ And we hope that everybody just gets positive vibes from us and really enjoys being part of the brand.”

Wilson’s co-founder at Franklin’s Stash House, who wishes to remain silent, is the 50-percent Black-owned business’s primary connection to the culture.

“My business partner has spent a lifetime building a reputation as one of the most respected members of his community — and there is an immense tangible value to that,” Wilson said. “He brings a level of wisdom and credibility to this company that’s unmatched in the market.”

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