Franklin’s Stash House brings culture and hustle to Missouri’s cannabis market

Greenway Magazine: Franklin’s Stash House announced this week a new partnership with Greenlight Dispensaries to offer Franklin’s products at select locations across the state. For those from the Kansas City area, Franklin’s is a recognizable name with a loyal following that has grown rapidly since its inception. Launched in 2020, Franklin’s Stash House blends cannabis and culture seamlessly. High-quality products featuring recognizable graphics and clean, unique packaging are the foundations of building this burgeoning iconic brand.

“Franklin’s is a cross-cultural cannabis brand focused on producing great products that serve the communities we represent,” Michael Wilson, Co-Founder & CEO of Franklin’s Stash House, explained. “The brand and the name Franklin’s Stash House are the result of the creative output that comes from two different, but like-minded, individuals coming together to build a common vision. Like Jimmy Iovene and Dr. Dre with Beats by Dre, or Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons with Def Jam records, everything you see from Franklin’s is the result of the company’s combined creative energies.”

Wilson is one half of the Franklin’s Stash House ownership group alongside music producer, and legendary DJ, Ronald Rice.

“While my business partner and I have wildly different backgrounds (and a 20 year age gap) our mutual respect for one another and unique life experiences have allowed us to reach a level of success in the market that is truly humbling,” Wilson said.

“The name came from a cannabis-fueled ideation session. Asking ourselves deep, first-principle questions like, ‘What is something universal that we can all agree on in this industry? What is something that would represent the personality that we want to exude? What is something that people would see and immediately be drawn to the look and feel.’ The answer was ‘money and marijuana.’ It was only natural at that point that a $100 bill and Franklin be the identity of what we can all love. Thus, Franklin’s Stash House was born,” Wilson said.

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