Showing appreciation to Franklin's "day ones."

4/20 is a holiday to showing appreciation to all our "Day Ones"

Over the years, April 20th (also known at 4/20) has become a legendary holiday for cannabis fans across the world. In the cannabis industry, 4/20 has evolved into a date for celebration, mega-discounts and new products. 4/20 all around, is a day to celebrate a plant that provides so much to mankind while asking for so little in return.

Building on the spirit of the cannabis, we believe 4/20 us also a holiday for showing appreciation to one another. Which is why, this year, we focused our time and energy towards expressing appreciation to Franklin's day ones... our very first retailer, FavTrip. 

Armed with cannabis-themed cookies by local bakery, Perfectly Mixed (@perfectlymixed816) we made a surprise delivery to the FavTrip Independence and Bannister locations.

We can't thank the staff at FavTrip enough for all their hard work and for being so kind to the Franklin's brand. We hope everyone that received these cookies enjoyed their 4/20!