Crafted within hip hop culture, Black-owned KC cannabis brand hopes to reshape a flowering industry

Startland News: It isn’t enough to be first, Ronald Rice said, announcing Franklin’s Stash House’s entry into Greenlight stores — a move that sees the Kansas City cannabis company become the first Black-owned brand sold at a dispensary in the state.

“While this deal represents a big milestone in the evolution of Missouri’s cannabis industry, the legacy of this moment depends on what we do from here,” said Rice, co-founder of Franklin’s and a longtime music producer and DJ. “It’s time for our team to put in the work and show the market and the culture what we are about.”

Greenlight is the largest dispensary operator in Missouri with more than 15 Show Me State stores, and three locations in Arkansas. Franklin’s line of hemp blunts and high-terpene hemp flower are now available at five select Greenlight stores with more expected.

The Kansas City brand — which launched April 20 — prides itself on 0.3 percent THC hemp blunts, vapes and flower with full-spectrum products designed for patients who seek the benefits of cannabis, without the high, the company said.

“[Our] team is talented, dedicated, experienced and hungry,” Rice told Startland News. “We’re on our game. We’re ready. As long as we continue to operate with the speed and creativity we have been, Franklin’s is a slam dunk. I will say one thing we know to be true working on this deal, Greenlight is really who they say they are: ‘cannabis with culture.’ That should be recognized and applauded.”