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At Franklin's, we put customer service first. We're not just here to manufacture outstanding hemp-based products... we're dedicated to taking care of our customers. Whatever you need to get the job done, we got you.

Deliveries are quick. Product stays potent.

Based in Kansas City, MO and sourcing from the top 1% of midwestern hemp cultivators, you can count on Franklin's to be on-time with fresh and potent product. Customer's love the quality and we've built our business to ensure they always receive the best. All retailers that work with Franklin's receive

✔ Free in-store displays.
✔ Free window stickers.
✔ Free brochures.
✔ Next-day delivery in select markets.

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Fusing a tobacco-free, hemp-based blunt cone with the freshest hemp the market has to offer the truth can be felt with every hit.

Hemp Blunt Singles (1g) - $9.95

Franklin's 1g hemp blunts come in a mylar lined flat-pack that seals in moisture and flavor for longer than any hemp product on the market.

Hemp 3 pack (3g) - $19.95

Priced at approximately at (3) blunts for the price of (2), Franklin's "3 Packs" are a top seller and favorite among repeat customers.

Hemp Flower (1g) - $9.95

Our organically cultivated, highly compliant hemp flower is a showcase of the quality of bud used in every Franklin blunt.

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